Frequently Asked Questions

Do we take insurance?

Yes we take Eyemed and Rocky Mtn UFCW.


Can I use my Flex Spending Dollars with you?

Yes, you can either use your Flex Dollars credit card or you may take our receipt and send it to your company for reimbursement.


When can I get an eye exam? Do I need an appointment?

Our doctor is in Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Appointments are preferred.


How long does an eye exam take?

Approximately 40 minutes.


How long does it take to make my glasses?

We ask for two weeks, but if we don’t promise you a sooner date it will generally come sooner.


Can you put lenses in my glasses not purchased from your store?

Yes, we order the lenses and once they are in we call you to bring your frame in. You can wait while we edge your lenses into your frame, generally one hour. If however, you have what we call a 3 piece drill mount frame (a bridge and two temples, no rim on your frames at all), we send these frame to our lab to manufacturer and mount your lenses.


Can you adjust/repair my current glasses even if I did not get them from you? 

Yes, however, we always tell you that there is a chance a frame can snap on adjustment and we do not warranty or guarantee a frame not to break. Part of our daily duties are adjusting and repairing frames.


Can you help me find the right frame for my features and prescription?

Yes. Part of our training as Certified Opticians is to style you with the right frame and recommend the best lens for your lifestyle and needs. Our theory is that our reputation is on your face and we are very picky in choosing the right styles for you.


Do you have gift certificates? 

Yes. We try not to pick out frames unless the client is in the store, but giving a gift certificate to someone you care about is a great idea and they so appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Do you sell contact lenses? 

Yes. Once we have a prescription from our doctor or an outside doctor we can order your contacts and generally receive them in our office within 3 working days. Colorado is a one year state for your contact lens prescription. Contacts are a medical entity just like your medications, thus we cannot fill any contact lens prescription that is over or close to one year from your last exam. You must re-new your contact lens prescription each year.


Dr. Erin Rivera has practiced optometry for over 18 years and has been with International Optique for ten years.