International Optique TeamIn 1974, Mo Rouleau secured a job with a company selling optical frames to retailers throughout the United States. A year later Mo decided that he wanted to import frames on his own into the U.S. instead of working for someone else.

So in 1975, Mo began importing eyewear from Hong Kong and along with his wife Bev started to travel to manufacturers in Italy, France, Germany, and South Korea to find the best fit to produce fine designer eyewear. Along the way Bev started to design more of the eyewear that they were importing and Mo did the marketing and sales for their wholesale business that they owned with great success for over 20 years.

In 1994, after leaving their wholesale business, Mo and Bev had an opportunity to go into the retail side of optical. They purchased an existing retail store in Tamarac Square Shopping Center in February of 1995 and International Optique was born. Bev as the owner began to bring in a variety of unique collections and eclectic styles which has set the store apart from other local stores. Mo went on to develop and manage International Optique’s online website that would sell sunglasses to on-line buyers.

Bev asked her daughter Debi to help work at the store, and 21 years later is managing the store with her mom making this the ultimate family optical. Four years ago, Bev and Debi brought on a third staff member Paul Pak, and together they make up the best opticians in the city of Denver.